Chalhoub Consultancy is specialized in human assets formation, educate the staff on how to identify hacking risk, how to report it and how to create a data base that enable us to communicate and file reports on the matter fortifying our defenses and reducing as much as possible our risk exposure. But that is only half of the battle for the other half we partner with IT based security and compliance solutions firms.
Our cyber security partners combine cutting-edge log management and SIEM technology with the most advanced threat detection and breach prevention services. More accurate alerting drives in-house SOC Analysts productivity, improving critical issues investigation vs. reacting to false positives.
We are extremely dedicated to customers; we highly value confidentiality and privacy, as they are the pillars of our business model. We understand our client’s constraint in budget and time and work within this frame which makes Chalhoub Consultancy an extension to the firm enabling a perfect environment
for a long-term loyal relationship.