Financial markets seminar 17-19 November Stanbic IBTC Lagos/Nigeria

“Ekiti State bonds workshop” Dubai/UAE September 2017​

Compliance Awareness workshop Nasco Re-Insurance Beirut/Lebanon 1st and 2nd August 2017

Employees Compliance Awareness is essential for every firm’s that is implementing a compliance function to coop with today’s changing regulatory needs.

Certified Compliance Analyst” Nairobi/Kenya March 2017

Anti-Money Laundering workshop, Nasco Insurance, Paris – France February 2017

Certified Compliance Professional Singapore September 2016

CCP lusaka Zambia May 2016

Certified Wealth Manager Lagos Nigeria January 2016

Certified Financial Modeler Lagos / Nigeria April 2016

Certified Wealth Manager Lagos / Nigeria April 2016

Certified Compliance Professional London UK July 2016

CIFIC conventional and Islamic Fixed Income Certification Dubai Nov. 2016

African Due Diligence Committee October 2014

Certified Compliance Professional Dubai November 2015

Certified Compliance Professional Hong Kong  China December 2015

Certified Compliance Professional November 2015 Zambia

Certified Compliance Professional Zambia February 2015

Certified Compliance Professional Nairobi / Kenya August 2015

Zambia AfreximBank African Due Diligence Conference 2014

Zambia Afrexim Bank African Due Diligence Conference 2015

Certified Compliance Officer, Nairobi, Kenya, Aug-2012

Certified Compliance Officer, Johannesburg, South Africa. Aug 2012

Certified Wealth Manager, Kuwait Mar 2011

Certified Wealth Manager, Kuwait April 2011

Certified Wealth Manager Professional, Kuwait, May 2011

Investment risk assessment workshop, Union of Investment Companies, Kuwait. March 2012

Mastering Relationship Managing workshop, Kuwait April 2012

Certified Portfolio Manager, Kuwait, May 2012

Certified Chartered Wealth Manager