Sometimes compliance can be personal, too! With Ramadan around the corner, The Economist takes a look at how World Cup players and other professional athletes manage their religious obligations and maintain their abilities. You can print or read this article here, or see it on The Economist.
This short article looks at the overlap between CFO and risk-manager within a firm. For the compliance officer or risk manager to have any effectiveness, there must be some substantial exchange between the two offices. Read the printer friendly version here, or you can see the original on
Normally we look at compliance as a work-related issue, but every once in a while something happens to remind us that fraud can touch any aspect of life, even our leisure! In the wake of bribery allegations, The Economist takes a look at corruption in the world of football (soccer to Americans). You can read the full article in PDF form here.
Risk management is more than just staying out of trouble; firms are starting to realize that effective risk management is good for the bottom line, too. Read more here, in print-friendly form, or see the article online.
A light read from The Economist, a look at how US Airways handled the inevitable social media misstep with grace, and managed to diffuse the situation. Read it here in PDF version.
Banks and business leaders sign relief as the Federal Reserve gives them two more years to comply. Read the whole story here, or on
The Financial Times takes a look at the perceived and actual value of tech firms. Check it out online here, in printer friendly format, or online at the Financial Times.
A look at S.E.C. chair woman Mary Jo White and the organization’s new perspective on regulatory action, from the New York Times and available in printer-friendly format here, Financial Times takes a look at gaps in the post-recession recovery. You can read the article here, in PDF form, or directly to the Financial Times online
The Economist takes an interesting look at the etiquette of bribery; though present throughout the world, there is a right and wrong way to ask for a bribe. Read the article at The Economist, overview the full article in PDF form.
Transparency International recommends that the UK examine people with “dubious sources of wealth” more closely if they really want to fight corruption. See the full story at The Guardian or click here for the PDF version.

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