Dr.Carlo Chalhoub
Dr.Carlo ChalhoubFounder & CEO of Chalhoub Consutancy

Dr.Carlo Chalhoub vision in creating a boutique consultancy firm that offers ethical and sound solutions to clients in a partnership type of a relationship where clients financial capabilities are taken into consideration without compromising on the services offered was formed through a long and challenging decade of being in the financial sector, mainly in the private banking, of major banking and financial institutions.

The slew in ethics by financial institutions reflected by their staff unethical behavior was one of the early signs to push for a change, his prediction on the non-compliance approach to regulations and ethics in the financial sector was confirmed in the 2008 crisis which made him determined to create Chalhoub consultancy.

Pushing his educational status to the highest level by committing to a 5 years intensive PhD program at Claremont Graduate University in Los Angeles where is acquired a PhD in Economics and in Political Science paved the way for the vision to materialize in Chalhoub Consultancy.

Dr.Chalhoub has since 2011 expended and shared his vision all over the planet, from the USA, to Europe, to Africa, to Australia, to the MEA region, to South East Asia, Chalhoub consultancy has see a growing clientele base and its consultancy projects impact on several sectors is well felt specially in Africa his market of choice due to his studies, research and dissertation entitled “Compliance in the African Financial Institutions” a first of a kind research done in 2012 where compliance was not only an under-researched topic but very few scholars and professionals have seen its paramount value in reshaping world economies.

Jason Mefford
Jason Mefford-

Chalhoub Consultancy and Mefford Associates joint venture has added a new member to our family, Jason Mefford is a world class speaker with a phenomenal achievement package, Jason will be covering GRC training programs and consultancy projects in our joint venture to better serve both boutiques growing clientele.

Jason Mefford is a globally sought after speaker, business trainer and coach on ethics, corporate governance, risk management, GRC compliance and internal audit topics. He is the author of Risk based internal auditing, and as a contributing author on the OCEG GRC capability model v3.0

Jason has spent many years training and coaching top business professinals all over the world, and is consistently rated as one of the leading experts and most effective speakers and trainers in the world.

jason adds to his trainings his experience gained being the chief audit at two big multi billion dollars manufacturing companies.

Dr. Moana Vercoe
Dr. Moana VercoePrograms & Research Development

Dr. Moana Vercoe joined Chalhoub Consultancy as a full time consultancy in 2014, she has extensive experience in developing and delivering educational programs for the United States and international markets. For the past five years she has focused on Management and Finance in emerging and non-western contexts in developing curriculum content, case studies and other educational materials for Chalhoub Consultancy. In the past two years she has gained significant on-the-ground experience in Africa and Asia through consultancy projects and training programs.

Among her many qualification, Dr. Vercoe holds the New Zealand Diploma of Accountancy and Doctoral Degrees in Political Science and Economics from Claremont Graduate University, in California. While completing her MBA in Finance and Applied Psychology, Dr. Vercoe studied under renowned management guru, Peter F. Drucker. In addition, she holds advanced certification from the New Zealand Institutes of Management and Tourism. Dr. Vercoe served as Program Director for one of the world’s first NeuroEconomics Laboratories, where she managed a research team of 30. She has extensive experience in traditional and nontraditional, quantitative and qualitative research and analysis techniques, and has presented her research internationally and within the United States. She has consulted with companies, nonprofit organizations and governments, and has served as expert witness in cases focused on economic development and human rights.

Miss Maria Chalhoub
Miss Maria ChalhoubHR & Supply Chain Management

Maria Chalhoub holds two master’s degrees, one in Entrepreneurship and New Technologies and another in Global Supply Chain Management from Mike Ilitch School of Business (Wayne State University, Detroit).

Upon joining the Chalhoub Consultancy in 2014, Maria has put her knowledge and years of professional experience in international markets into practice. She has created one of the best communication platforms to enable Chalhoub Consultancy’s staff, partner, and customers to interact efficiently among each other while remaining profitable and maintaining an ethical work environment.

Mrs. Gwendolyn Smith
Mrs. Gwendolyn SmithExecutive Assistant

Gwendolyn Smith, Executive Assistant, has over 30 years experience working in the corporate international businesses environment as well as several years in higher education. Her vast experience in international business and wealth of knowledge in office technology along with her strong interpersonal skills make her a perfect complement to the Chalhoub Consultancy mission.

She has contributed in establishing Chalhoub Consultancy in 2011, her impressive experience in back-office processes and wise directives helped in creating the perfect structure enabling Chalhoub Consultancy to operate with a minimal overhead cost structure which allowed us to Add to our L.A office and Office in Detroit and in Nairobi/Kenya.

Patrick Khoury
Patrick Khoury-

Patrick Khoury has joint the Chalhoub Consultancy team in 2016 as our legal representative and consultant . Patrick has practised corporate and commercial law in the Middle East for over ten years, with a focus on corporate finance.

Patrick builds his consultancy skill by experiencing first had operations on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and structured finance.

Recognised as an “impressive and dynamic lawyer” at Legal500 in 2010, pushed him to expand his legal consulting skills to cover Corporate Governance and Compliance.

Peter Edward WELCH
Peter Edward WELCH-

Peter Edward Welch (www.GlobalCfoLLC.Com), a renowned finance/accounting and training expert with over 30 years of professional experience. All throughout his professional life, starting with the British Diplomatic Service, he has focused on topics including, but not limited to accounting, internal audit and risk assessment, internal control, treasury and training including Ghana, Nigeria, UAE, Kuala Lumpur, Kenya and South Africa. As an international expert for USAID, World Bank and EU he has developed an expertise in implementing PFM (Public Financial Management) and EU Pillar readiness Annexe 2a ICQ assessments, He is a Certified Trainer with the International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM) and has taught accounting and finance certification programs. In 2009, for the South African National Treasury within the framework of an EU-funded technical assistance project in his capacity as IFRS trainer, he was responsible for the implementation of GRAP/IPSAS accounting training. Mr Welch also worked in Georgia, under USAID, in 2002 where he taught ACCA final accounting papers, IFRS-based material.

Adel Chehab
Adel Chehab-

Adel Chehab joined Chalhoub Consultancy in 2017 as Head of the Middle East operations with the objective of creating a business platform enabling the opening of an office in Beirut/Lebanon that will extend our company services to the Middle East and mainly to the Lebanese financial and health care sector in the compliance field.

Mr.Chehab added value to our company is backed by his Nineteen years of banking experience in Lebanon where he started his career that made him one of the banking experts in the field. His experience as branch manager brought empowered his communication and conflict resolution skills which pushed him to move his career to the next level by going into consulting where he can share his acquire knowledge at a wider scale.

Mr. Chehab detains a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Saint Joseph University Beirut and has consciously updated his knowledge in the business, compliance and management fields by attending numerous certified programs.

Mamoona Nawaz
Mamoona Nawaz-
Mamoona Nawaz is Web Designer of Chalhoub Consultancy.
I am responsible, energetic and smart web developer who loves to give you a smart output within specific time with my skills and hard work. I help to fix any kind of web related problem and I’m confident and love my working style.
Miss.Sosha Thaxton
Miss.Sosha Thaxton-

Miss.Sosha Thaxton is Chalhoub Consultancy representative in Thailand.
She had previously worked at a part time employee in our Detroit office. Chalhoub Consultancy business model inspired her to start her own event organization firm and we are more than happy to have her representing us.

Sosha holds a Associate of Arts: Liberal Arts, degree from Oakland Community College – Royal Oak, MI. USA and Associate of Arts: general studies degree from Oakland Community College – Royal Oak, M.

Charbel El Fakhry
Charbel El Fakhry-

With over 12 years of experience specializing in multinational structures providing guidance and leadership to senior managers, his broad experience includes benefits, employee relations, payroll, talent acquisition and management.He is experienced in various industries including entertainment, education and semi-governmental structures.

Charbel supported both established organizations and new ventures in their stages of creation, growth, and stabilization.He has hundreds of hours on his account of workshops and presentations within the companies he worked for, and for external patrons.Charbel holds a a degree in law and a Master in management of international firms.

Dr. Rand Fandrich
Dr. Rand FandrichPHR, SHRM-CP, CHRA
Dr. Rand Fandrich, PHR, SHRM-CP, CHRA is an Associate Professor for NGS and has worked in the field of Strategic Human Resource Management for over ten years. Additionally, Dr. Fandrich holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University, a MBA from Regis University with ASN Honors, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from American University in Washington DC. Dr. Fandrich has taught for both private and public educational institutions, has led the HR Unit for a US state government agency, and created the Expatriate Foundation (www.expatriatefoundation.org) in 2008; which instructs human resource professionals around the globe to ensure the field maintains certified practitioners..

Jerome studied political science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and New York University (NYU). He is specialized in elections, electoral systems, campaign & media, opinion polling and political parties, with advanced studies in interparty dialogues skills mediation and negotiation, organisational capacity and strategic planning, policy development and leadership skills.

Jerome has a 15 years working for the Dutch domestic democracy and public participation promotion ngo Prodemos – House for Democracy and the Rule of Law. In this capacity, he amongst others was a member of the management team. He was involved in dialogues around three national govern committees on democratic reform. He was assistant-manager of the of the organisations voting advice application, a tool origination invented and which are increasingly standard tools around elections consulted by millions around the globe.

In the last 6 years Jerome worked at the Dutch NGO Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), an NGO founded by all Dutch political parties together who revolutionized political party assistance development work into a multiparty approach in developing countries. At NIMD in 2011 after the Arab Spring, he started the programme in Tunisia, and has closely tracked the constitutional review process. He also was the programme manager for Tanzania and Libya, and now for Benin and West-Africa. Jerome is also involved in the development of many of NIMD’s Knowledge products and Methodology development.

Jerome has experience in working with heads of states and government, political party government and opposition leaders and civic society lobby & advocacy agents.

Jerome has help seminars and workshops in Guatemala, Zambia, Malawi, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Benin, Ghana, Tunisia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Georgia, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. He furthermore worked on political projects in Peru, Libya, South Africa, Mozambique, The Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Dr.Marc Audi
Dr.Marc Audi-

More than 15 years in the education field, Marc Audi is a PhD holder in International Economics and financial studies specialized in FDIs and Clusters.He started by attaining in the Middle-East a Bachelor of Sciences in the Business Marketing program in parallel with the State University of New-York at the Lebanese American University. After Graduating with Honors, he then got enrolled at the Masters in Business Administration Finance program of the State University of New-York and obtained the degree of MBA in a record time of three semesters. By that time he was already a Sales and Marketing Manager and a Business Lecturer.

Seeking new challenges, he decided to go back to France and apply to a PhD program in economics at The University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne where he got accepted and was taken under the wings of Professor Jean-Louis Mucchielli (specialist in International economics, Former Director of French higher Education and Chancellor of Amiens Universities). Thesis Title: “Agglomeration: Network and Market Access in the New Economic Geography”.

Under Mucchielli, Audi served as assistant both when he was Chancellor of Amien’s Universities and Director of French higher Education.

By that time, Audi became a researcher in international economics and strategy at the Sorbonne Research Center of the UFR02/UFR06 University of Paris 1 as well as a full time lecturer and head of mission at the University of Paris 1.

He then Joined the Sorbonne-Columbia (New-York) exchange program as a lecturer in financial-economics and was appointed as head of economic studies.
He also served as a consultant for the French minister of Labor M. Xavier Bertrand under Prime Minister Francois Fillion.

He was later on promoted to Head of the Private Institute of International Economics of Paris in September 2009. Audi headed the “Institut privée d’économie for two years”.
In 2012, Audi returned to Lebanon and was appointed as a Full time Assistant Professor at l’université; Saint Joseph USJ where he was in charge of national and international relations of the faculty of economics. Following, he then joined the Rafik Hariri Canadian University as a Full Time Assistant Professor in financial economics.

In July 2016, Marc Audi got promoted to the rank of Associate Professor and became since the Head of the Economic studies Track at AZM University in North Lebanon. From there, Audi dedicated some of his latest publications to the Lebanese government as an independent consultant in an effort to help Local economic growth.

He is also a visiting professor at Sup de Co Rochelle and authored many peer reviewed articles and books. His consultancy work include being Economic Advisor to the Association Franco Libanaise pour l’education et la culture AFLEC in coordination with the French ministry of education.

His researches and academic work got him to cooperate on an academic level with many countries and got him to be appointed as Editorial board member and reviewer in the International Academy of Business and Education IABE in Turlock, California USA. He is also reviewer for Springer and Springer International.