Creating and maintaining strategic advantage in today’s market is all about being able to adapt to changing conditions while preserving the organization’s unique capabilities and value-added. Establishing a distinct brand, an innovative customer approach and a specialized and committed workforce is no longer sufficient for success given the changing demands of an increasing globalized market. A key component for securing success in the long-run is the ability to leverage the skills and talents within your workforce through a unique training program based on your organization’s specific philosophy and culture that develops customized skills and knowledge to meet the increasingly complex and diverse business environment.
Unique, research-driven customized training is what Chalhoub Consultancy does better than anyone else. We are available to apply our specialized consulting, development and training system to your organization in a tailor made fashion that guaranties the best value for your money  enabling you staff to maximize their utility function from our educational training programs
The impact of learning and human capital formation on the success of an organization cannot be underestimated. Our clients can attest to the success of our corporate training programs and the value of their experiences in becoming our training development partner. Chalhoub Consultancy has a proven track record of over 5 years’ success in helping our clients achieve and maintain their competitive edge through industry-leading instructional design and tailor-made training development initiatives.

Partnered with the GAFM, Chalhoub Consultancy LLC offers clients training programs and certification that are internationally recognized. Staffed by academics, our firm exclusively employs individuals with professional experience, intellectual appetite and youthful energy. All of our trainers have PhDs and have worked in the private and public sector with our senior trainers holding both PhDs and MBAs.

Creating a unique training blueprint is essential for organizational development and the success of any instructional project. At Chalhoub Consultancy we develop an individualized tainting blueprint for each organization we work with using a process of consultation and dialogue with directors, managers, and others responsible for ensuring performance improvement within their operating unit, branch or the entire organization.  We believe that your people provide the best place to start our analysis of the needs to be met, and the optimal approaches that will contribute to efficient and effective solutions for each unique organization taking account of dynamic market conditions. During the Blueprint Design Session our instructional designers will lead the management team through a discussion of the important issues they need to consider before embarking a large training project.
Our Blueprint Design Sessions focus on five areas for innovation and success:

  1. Audience

Understanding your learning audience will help you determine how best to engage them. We ask questions like:

  • What motivates these employees to learn and to apply new knowledge and skills on the job?
  • How are their professional goals related to this initiative?
  1. Needs

We help you identify and prioritize needs as well as determine which needs are best met by training and/or a combination of coaching, policy adjustment, role changes, tools and job aids, and workplace changes.

  1. Tracking Past Successes and Areas of Opportunity

Knowing where you’ve succeeded in the past and why enables you to utilize your unique strengths to your advantage. Through guided discussion we discover what lessons your organization has learned from both past successes and mistakes, and use these to determine a better approach.

  1. Existing Content and Expertise

Being able to gather all of your content and information provides useful tools and information for training design. In addition to documenting what your organization does well, it can identify current gaps in your organization’s skill set, areas in need of update.

  1. Results

We help you prepare ways to gather evaluation data to measure the results so you can prove your business objectives were met.

What are the Inputs into our Blueprint Planning Sessions?The consultation and dialogue of Chalhoub Consultancy Blueprint Planning Sessions is supplemented by analysis of your organization’s current position and documentation of the development process. Inputs into the part of the process include:

  • Existing training materials
  • Job descriptions
  • Organizational charts
  • Anecdotal or quantitative data regarding the learning population
  • Meeting notes and presentation slides related to the initiative
  • Policy manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, etc.
  • Industry literature related to the initiative

Who Should Attend our Blueprint Planning Sessions?
The most effective sessions include the training director and/or manager, leaders from the business units involved in the initiative, instructional designers, IT representatives for solution implementation feasibility, and at least one representative of the learning population. Having the right people in the room directly affects the breadth of experience that shapes the decisions you make as a result of this session. Because the decisions you make will be based on the findings from this meeting, it is critical to have a variety of stakeholder perspectives.

To date we have delivered programming in markets around the world, working with individuals and firms in over twenty countries including the United States, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Singapore, Seychelles, Hong Kong China, and France. Chalhoub Consultancy training offers a global perspective of current developments and challenges targeted to specific industries and market segments, while enhancing the decision-making process facing individuals and organizations. As a boutique consultancy firm, Chalhoub Consultancy is able to create additional added value for clients by tailoring our training offerings to their specific environments and industries.
At Chalhoub Consultancy, we maintain an ongoing relationship with participants, providing continuing education in the form of updates on changing policies, current events, and new training possibilities. We also offer continuous communicating platforms to keep our clients updated and to answer the daily needs of participants for professional guidance. Through our extended professional network, we have unmatched flexibility in dealing with booking agents, clients and participants. In our continuing efforts to offer the best product in the market, we travel to the corners of the professional world and communicate with local experts to ensure the highest quality customized product every time. A truly international firm, we are able to provide training and materials in English, French, Arabic and Mandarin.