We are a boutique consultancy firm specialized in custom designed solution platforms for firms and institutions in the financial industry.
Our core activity evolves around the human knowledge formation through our training programs that not only bring the staff to the market breaking point in research and techniques, to perform efficiently in the work environment, but also puts them at a level to assess the firm needs in solutions and the best way to implement them.
A network of business partnerships supports this activity allowing Chalhoub Consultancy to maintain objectivity in overseeing the solution platform from the implementation phase till the validation phase combining both Artificial and Human Intelligence to face today’s compliance needs and cyber-security related risks.
Our offices in Los Angeles and Detroit in the USA along with our network of partners worldwide, allow us to offer our clients the critical alterations their firms requires to reach a cutting edge structure essential for an efficient and profitable performance in today’s markets.


At Chalhoub Consultancy, we are not in the certification business; we are in the human educational training programs and custom designed risk based platform solutions. While we happily partner with internationally accredited firms to obtain high level, accredited certifications for our participants, our primary goal is to ensure a high-quality education and a unique training experience that empowers the participants with the tools and know how to apply the training acquired knowledge into their daily work and lives. Our research and development unite tailor each program to the needs of the client and his environment, utilizing the most advanced materials and teaching techniques to achieve the most desirable educational outcome. Our speakers are all PhD holders and highly dedicated their educational mission.




Restructuring and reforming the staff enabling them to adapt to the risk based approach platform needed in today’s constant evolving markets regulation and technological innovation, requires a function solution that takes into consideration variables such as the firm’s IT infrastructure, regulatory requirements, firm’s budget, jurisdiction differences in regulations, … and adapt it to the proposed solution.
To complete our consultancy mission and reflect our vision, Chalhoub Consultancy partnership with leading compliance and cyber-security firms enables our clients today to enjoy the peace of mind needed to have their own missions being successfully fulfilled.